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What is SEO & how does it affect your business

You expect your website to come up in searches by your targeted consumer. Search engines match keywords and phrases used in requests with content from webpages. Unlike alphabetized directories of the past, the ranking for your site will be determined relatively. If your site is not set up correctly, even a search for your business name may not rank your site at the top.

We begin by determining keywords and phrases that are being searched most often by your target consumers. We review and update your pages’ labels, or tags, to maximize potential search matches. Unique content from your site will be identified and applied as keywords to reach your unique customers. To strengthen your site’s organic ranking, content within may be enhanced to include popular keywords and phrases. Our tech team will manage updates to your site, or we can work with your current web designer.

SEO is an ongoing process, as countless businesses are vying for position. Monthly reports from MYM will enable you to track progress and, together, we will decide what adjustments to make as your website moves up in the rankings.

What Helps Your Organic Ranking On Google

SEO Friendly Website


Having a proper SEO friendly website is key to your rankings online. The more keywords you have set to your website the better your SEO campaign will run. Having proper content will also affect your rankings. You must have a powerful website that is easy to navigate and has all your social media and any other online visibility you have to be linked up.



Content is another key component in your SEO game. When Google scans your website it will look for relevant content to showcase when users are doing searches. The more relevant your content is to the search the higher the likelihood that Google will represent your business. The more search results your in the better your long term SEO will run.

Business Directories


When your business is found in the most popular online business directories with accurate & matching information this helps your organic ranking by increasing your online trust and quality score. We stay on top of the most popular business directories and make sure you're there. Get your business on Google with the power of SEO.

Be Found Everywhere With The Power Of Sites From The 6ix SEO Campaigns

Choose The Right Company To Manage Your Business


When finding the perfect company to manage SEO for your business there are so many variables to success witch is why having a consultation with an SEO expert is the first step to a successful campaign. Sites From The 6ix offers free in person or over the phone consultations to provide knowledge to help you understand what’s involved in running a proper SEO Campaign. If your interested in taking on new clients and getting the online exposure your business needs you came to the right place. With over 10 years running successful SEO campaigns we can help you to understand the process to getting your business found online.

Listing Management, Where Are Customers Looking?

newlisting manda

This service is designed to spread the company name across multiple business directories (25+) so all information online matches, this shows credibility for the company & will also help your organic ranking on google. It is part of your trust score that google gives you as a business. That will determine weather or not they want to present you on Google’s home page. Having your business listing on multiple platforms increases your Google ranking over 90% faster.